Top Tips To Keep Your Pet Warm and Safe In Cold Weather

The cold weather spares no one. No matter how furry your mutt is, he is bound to feel cold when the weather gets tough. Here are some ways you can ensure your furry friend is also kept warm and comfortable as the rest of your family:

  1. Rug

Get your dog a good thick rug he can lay on during the day. Even if he has a bed, a good thick rug will be more effective in keeping the cold away and also serve as a cozy corner different from his bed.

  1. Blanket

Cover your dog with a good blanket to protect him from the cold when he sleeps. Be it night or day, when it is cold outside, ensure he is well covered.

  1. Jacket

Dog fashion has come leaps and bounds in the past few years. Check online or at your nearest pet store and you are bound to find a few dog jackets that are not only cute but fashionable and smart too.

  1. Heater

Even if you are not at home, leave the heater on for your dog. Let the temperature inside the house be maintained, to ensure your dog is not left feeling cold when you are away at work.

  1. Bed

Get a good bed that fits your dog well. There are different models and sizes for different types of dogs. You can browse to see varieties of beds for small dogs, for medium dogs as well as large dogs. Check and buy the right size for your dog, so that he is not left hanging out of the bed when he sleeps.

  1. Feed

Feed your pet well. We all need more food to keep us warm in winter. It is the same with your dogs as well. Instead of giving him the usual quantity, fill his bowl up a little more. He will need more food to keep himself warm from within.