The Best 8 Ways to Boost Male Sexual Energy

It is not uncommon to hear some men complain about their lack of sexual energy while they are in the ‘thick of things’ on the bed. While some have been proactive in dealing with the issue; some are not just being ‘man enough’ to set themselves free. For instance, a guy once approached me asking this question: “does a penis stretcher hurt? I did give him give an answer but further probing showed what his problem really was – it wasn’t about the size but a matter lack of energy.

Though I wouldn’t know how many of such kind of people are reading this but I hope you get some help from reading on to discover how you can boost your sexual energy.

  • Do the exercises that matter: You have to build your pubococcygeal muscles – pardon me for the medical jargon, it’s just the muscle with your pelvic floor – by doing the right kind of exercise, which is kegel, to be more specific. Notwithstanding, other exercises like push-ups, cardio exercises and some moderate ones can also be helpful.
  • Eat fruits: Form a habit of taking fruits like banana [which contains a rich supply of potassium]; celery, asparagus, dates and avocados. Additionally, almonds, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds are really good for boosting sexual performance.
  • Eat healthy foods: Certain foods like those rich in vitamins, amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids – for example; salmon fish, flaxseed, oysters and so on – are very essential for increasing sexual energy.
  • Keep stress at bay: Stress does not only drain you mentally; it ‘zaps up’ some energy from you and ending up inhibiting your sexual performance. So, you should try as much as you can to take good time off strenuous activities and have some good rest. You can also consider visiting the spa from time to time.
  • Draw from the essence of essential oils: Essential oils such as ylang ylang, myrrh and black pepper have been found to boost sexual drive and also increase male sexual energy.
  • Go herbal: Another option is to take herbal supplements like Korean ginseng, Maca root, Horny goat weed. These have been known to cure sexual disorders in one way or the other.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: For you to keep an active sex life, you might have to do away with some bad habits like using stimulants, smoking and stuffs like that. Studies have shown that smoking could lead to impotence so, you better watch it.
  • Get medical help when necessary: Do not leave your sexual issues to fester. You should consult a medical practitioner before things get out of hand. Never should you leave helpless when it comes to satisfying your woman’s pleasure in bed.