Surprising Health Benefits Of Losing Just 5 Percent Of Your Body Weight

You would be surprised to know that even by losing 5 percent of your body weight you can enjoy some great health benefits.

  • The high blood cholesterol levels are bad for your body. Read These get stuck in the inside of the arteries and increase the risk of heart attack. If you even have a slight drop in weight then you stay out of the danger zone. The obese that lost a little weight could lower the level of bad cholesterol.

  • Even if you lose a small percentage of your weight you feel happy and good from the inside. It helps to improve your self-esteem. Just by losing a little bit of weight you will be motivated to lose more. It will also make you be more energetic and let you feel good about yourself.

  • Even a little amount of weight loss will help to better your mood. It helps you to sleep better and it, in turn, does not let you feel irritated and frustrated. You also get more conscious about what you eat and aim to look even better.


  • Lowering your weight also reduces inflammation. The short-term inflammation is nothing to worry about but what you need to be concerned about is the chronic ones like heart diseases and diabetes that stays for long. You will be surprised to know that even if you reduce a 5 percent weight you will see that your diabetes will be in control and you will feel more fit and active.

  • Keep your joints pain fee

If you suffer from excess weight then this will put weight on your joints and it will cause a wear and tear of the knee cartilage. This causes a very painful condition which is known as osteoarthritis. Aiming to lose even 5% of your weight will prevent this condition.