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“Going Green” means the following:

  • Pursuing knowledge that helps us to live more responsibly
  • Practicing environmentally friendly approaches in our lives
  • Care for the environment in thought, deeds, and actions
  • Sustain the naturally available resources for the present and future

This article will not tell you how to practice “Going Green”. Rather it will inform you about the many health benefits that you can gain from if you go green.

  1. It allows you to breathe fresh air, which in turn prevents diseases of the lungs such as allergies, asthma, cancer, etc.
  2. It reduces the pollution around you, thereby reducing the risk of many heart-related diseases, infections, and other damages to your organs.
  3. If not for the ozone layer depletion, the sun would not have been looked upon with such deep eyes. It gives you natural lights, Vitamin D needed for your bones and muscles, and kills 90% of the common germs/bacteria living around us.
  4. Safer environments prevent many deaths that happen under unnatural circumstances.
  5. It will also bring in the required amount of rains, especially in drought-hit regions and will ensure that situations of acid rains do not occur instead.
  6. Going green is important to prevent drastic climatic changes and the aftermath of global warming.
  7. Reducing dependence on fuel-powered vehicles will help you save these resources for the future as well.
  8. Further, switching over to bicycles and walking for close commutes is great for your health as well.
  9. By avoiding the use of harmful pesticides on crops, we are ensuring what we eat is safe and healthy. It also prevents many diseases of the digestive system.
  10. By saying no to plastics, we are not only reducing the amount of garbage that is being dumped on our planet but we also ensure that these do not pollute the nearby soil and water, which could not only affect us but also the plants and animals.
  11. It helps you create better homes if you are cautious when it comes to painting Use good quality paints over to those that release harmful compounds into the atmosphere at your home.
  12. Using natural herbal plants inside your home will allow it to purify the air you breathe inside your homes.
  13. Connecting with nature is a good way to stay healthy and sane. It helps you overcome problems of stress, depression, and anxiety that are common today.
  14. Switching over to natural remedies for a common cold or minor problems of the body will boost your immune system and ensure that you do not suffer from any side effects. For instance, CBD oil and pain management is a natural therapy that uses natural oils.
  15. Lastly, switching over to a greener lifestyle can also be beneficial to your financial health in terms of savings and reduced expenses at the hospitals and insurance companies.

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