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Camping is fun and it is about enjoying nature and living a simple life in the wild. But to enjoy it, it is also important that you stay safe. Wild camping is where you pack your own tent, choose a simple place to head to, have a map in hand and live under the stars for several nights.

Here is how you can prepare yourself to feel safe when you go camping.Visit dreamguides for more details to stay safe when camping in the wild.

  • Arrive at the location of your choice before it gets dark and leaves before others start to move out
  • Never ever light an open fire in the camping site. Most places chosen for camping are high risk and you could end up destroying the landscape.
  • Carry away all the rubbish with you and leave the site as it was before you arrived
  • Stay on the main track and path and do not wander into places that seem to be risky
  • Choose your toilet with care. Look for a spot that is sheltered and dig a deep hole to let you do the business. Once done do not forget to cover the place with earth.
  • Do not go digital when camping in the wild. Use a paper map instead of depending on your smartphone and keep a diary with phone numbers jotted down.
  • Use midge nets to keep yourself safe from the swarms


Wild camping is safe if you plan it well. There are no chances of experiencing any problems if you know how to camp in the wild. Do make sure that you take the precautions and keep someone informed about your whereabouts. Else camping in the wild is something that should not be worried about. Camping should be a pleasure and not challenge and if you feel stressed then you can revisit the plan once you feel prepared.