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Is weight loss stalling for you? We’ve all been through that phase at some point in our lives, not only is it frustrating but it’s extremely demoralizing. In order to speed up weight loss there are a number of different things you can try to do, which we’ve made a great list of 6 easy tips to speed up your weight loss today.

  • Increase your calorie deficit up to 10% more than your current deficit
  • Start high intensity workouts with a trainer
  • Reduce carb intake
  • Try taking some protein or mineral and mineral supplements (even forskolin, this forskolin review will blow your mind)
  • Make some lifestyle changes (walk a bit more)
  • Stop eating out at fast food places

Here I’ll explain why decreasing carb intake is such a good idea:

  • Carb intake increases insulin response, which is responsible for weight gain.

Cutting carbs to less than 50 grams of total carbs and less than 30 grams of Net carbs is great not only for overall health but it helps increase weight loss velocity as well. Studies have shown quite conclusively that weight loss increases when carbs are low due to the depletion of insulin and the easier diet control on ketogenic diets.

  • Increase your calorie deficit up to 10% more than current deficit

Calorie deficits are required for weight loss, combining a calorie deficit and a low insulin environment increases calorie usage from glycogen reserves instead of from your diet. This will accelerate the higher the calorie deficit, the higher the required glycogen depletion, the better the weight loss velocity.

  • Try taking some protein or mineral supplements

Taking protein or mineral and vitamin supplements will help you build muscle and therefore increase resting BMR, which will make it easier to lose weight in the long run and help keep it off.…

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