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Your bedroom has a prominent role in the quality of sleep and the body rest you receive each day. You might be better knowing this difference because you itself could have experienced many sleepless nights due variation in temperature, sound or light issues. Also, there are days on which you have slept nicely which prepared you for welcoming another day.

Maybe, some simple alteration is all you need to reset the sleeping space that brings you the required comfort at night. Here are some of them.

  1. Let it be dark. Naturally, your brain and the body respond to the darkness by releasing sleep hormones called melatonin or says, it is the time to relax. On the other hand, if you detect light, the hormone called cortisol is produced that uplifts your body temperature which further makes you weak.

To ensure this condition, all the light switches should be turned off and use thicker curtains so that light rays do not peep from outside.

  1. Keep it cool. Regulate the temperature as per the environmental conditions. You can use ceiling fans, coolers or even adopt natural ways like opening up the windows that allow wind to blow in. Automatic cooling mattresses are also available.
  2. Block the noises. Either you can use earplugs or white noise machine to deal with any kind of sound coming from outside.
  3. Limit the use of all kind of electronic devices including your smartphone and laptops so that you can rest properly at night.
  4. Choose the apt bedding. Soft and soothing materials like cotton, silk or so have the ability to absorb humidity from the atmosphere that indeed keeps you cozy. Also, make sure your bed is level rather than the up and down type. Moreover, avoid the cluttered look. could help you while choosing such products.
  5. Your room color means a lot. Selecting a light shade is always considered apt for maintaining the calm atmosphere.
  6. Moreover, always clean up your room and arrange things in an orderly manner that renders you the satisfaction feeling.
  7. Use a medium height pillow of your choice. Change the pillow and bed covers after every two weeks.

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