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Acne destroys your skin. The blemishes that sprout from acne can last a lifetime and completely change the texture of your skin. They are itchy and prone to infections and no matter what you seem to do, they just don’t go away. The reason is that the expensive creams and lotions are not the solution to all your problems. It’s more often an internal problem.

Stop consuming sugar

Sugar gives rise to the growth of yeast and candida which are a major cause of acne. By replacing sugar with some all-natural sugar substitute like stevia or honey (in small amounts) you can improve your blood sugar levels.

Avoid gluten

Gluten is the reason for major inflammation in your body. When your gut is inflamed, your body shows the effect of it, especially your skin, causing a breakout. By cutting out gluten you can cure yourself of acne.

Avoid hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are constituted as bad fats and cause your sebaceous glands to excrete more oil than usual. Switch to coconut, avocado or olive oil instead of hydrogenated oil which are naturally healthier.

Cut out dairy

Dairy is hailed as one of the best nutritional substitutes. But the hormones injected to the cows leave traces in the milk, which in turn cause havoc in your body. Completely messing up the estrogen levels which can cause acne.

Workout regularly

Exercise has many benefits. It causes your pores to open by inducing sweating, excretes toxins through sweat and kidney, boosts your metabolism and reduces stress level. Working in pollution all day can mess your skin, handling tools and grease, which you can get through a simple click here for AdjustableClamp. A lack of all of which can cause acne.…

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