7 Health Benefits of Living on a Farm

It is so exciting to live on a farm surrounded by vast greenery.  One may fear that living far away from the city will be tough.  But there are so many health benefits while living on a farm.  Read on to know them:

  1. Fresh produce: When you live on a farm, you can get fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products.  When we buy these from the store, we get withered ones.  Sometimes the agricultural products are treated chemically to make them stay fresh.  But living on a farm facilitates plucking these fresh from the plant when needed.
  2. Staying away from pollution: It is practically not possible to have a farm in the heart of a city.  When located in outskirts, a farm is free from noise and air pollution.  When living on a farm, we can breathe fresh air.
  3. Low stress: Living on a farm lowers stress level.  We wake up to the sound of birds.  We can see happy blooms nodding in the air.  We can take care of the animals.  Farm living increases bonding with family members.  There is absolutely no rush.  You can engage in friendly chat on matters like ‘What’s the best circular saw?’, ‘which is the best time to plant radish’ etc.
  4. Physical exercise: Living on a farm makes physical work part of life.  You walk, run and bend a lot.  You engage in tilling, planting, watering, lifting things etc.  This improves blood circulation and burns calories.
  5. Mental health: Research has proven that living on a farm amidst nature improves mental health.
  6. More sunlight: Farm life is always drenched in sunlight. Sunlight is the rich source of Vitamin D.  It improves bone health and immunity.
  7. Forming good and healthy habits: The style of living on a farm requires getting up early.  The natural way of living requires no plastic and chemicals.  We tend to develop eco-friendly living which is good for health.